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About Whiting House

Game-changing innovations are pieced together from useful parts of distinct solutions across time. Our business is helping you see the whole. It is our duty to protect against mistakes from the past, streamline processes in the present, and safeguard your business’ relevance from now into the future. By looking forward at market trends, we ensure that your organization and the solutions we construct are relevant now, and are poised to bolster your business for a bright future.

Our philosophy is to act. Whiting House takes its name from a philanthropic legacy, so it is by design that our business goals are intrinsically linked with our sense of common good. Everything we do is grounded in thoughtfulness.

Six distinct teams comprise the Whiting House service structure. Careful project planning ensures seamless collaboration between teams so that each plays its part precisely within a given solution. We pride ourselves on a proven workflow that oversees consistent client success.

Michael CantuChief Executive Officer
Nick KreszChief Operating Officer
Jeff BryantChief Experience Officer