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Managed services

Whiting House provides the tools and expertise you need to ensure the independent longevity of infrastructures, platforms, and software.

We safeguard your future by offering pertinent IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions and passing you the reins. With Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers, we cultivate an integral infrastructure of web hosting, support channels and rapid problem solving.

If you need a robust, accessible cloud solution, we are capable of all the above.


We step in sync with client expectations to arrive at the most suitable solution.

When you invest smartly, IT is no longer a necessary evil but an ally in business process facilitation. We work with you to provide managed services not as a chaperone but as a mentor.

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Let us focus on IT so you can do what you do best.

Multi-level support means that you have access to someone at Whiting House who knows how to help. Since we are not a traditional but a transformative solution provider, we encourage you to invest in a durable solution rather than the quick fix. Save money, save time, and free yourself to focus on business goals.

Quality Assurance

Our products deliver results. We make sure of that.

Effective QA means that products created at Whiting House meet the highest industry standards for applicability, ease of use, and functionality. We conduct QA tests to this effect. When we deliver a tangible solution, we train your personnel in its use on prem. Our business helps yours by relating our expertise to you, and promoting your autonomy in the control and maintenance of the product.

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