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We pull your company into the future

We innovate.

Adaptable solutions built to endure

Intelligent apps for modern platforms
An application’s utility is only as good as the experience of using it. Our purpose in developing custom tools is to solve a problem with as few steps as possible, so seamless integration of our solutions with your business’ structural framework is paramount.
Intelligent workflow integration
We help visualize how disconnected ad hoc solutions which already exist within your organization can be consolidated into standard workflow processes for all your employees to use to great effect. Or, we’ll build automated solutions from scratch.
Powerful website design
The best experience reverberates with you long after you’ve lived it. We build customer-facing platforms and applications that engage users experientially, making them forget they’re using technology. Instead, they live the experience of your content.
Numerical business insights
Big data drives smart decisions, and reveals opportunities that you did not know existed. We use an analytic advantage with flexible SaaS solutions, which are grounded in thoughtful expert analysis that gives your business greater leverage in the marketplace.
Digital transformation solutions
We safeguard your future by offering pertinent IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions. To maintain your organization’s technological needs with broad network access, trust our secure and reliable cloud solutions. With Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers, we cultivate an integral infrastructure of web hosting, support channels and rapid problem solving. If you need a robust, accessible cloud solution, we are capable of all the above.

At the forefront of future

Case studies demonstrate how Whiting House conducts projects with an eye toward the future. For each client, we evaluate needs, prepare actionable insight, and develop optimal applications for present problems while also remaining attentive to the dynamism of industry.

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