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Member and patient intake processes that empower
accountable care organizations to engage

Patients are becoming more accountable for the cost and selection of their care, and solutions must diversify to accommodate widely different pathways for engagement. Organizations that want to stay relevant and impactful in the future must adapt. We help your organization create automated and efficient processes that enhance productivity and increase engagement.

Standard intake tasks, from health assessments and digital forms, to assigning care teams, cost of care, procedural information, and the ability to verify coverage, should be streamlined and accessible. By creating technological solutions that improve workflows and make it easier for patients to be involved in managing their health, we increase efficiency, enhancing the experience for everyone involved which has a real positive effect on your bottom line.

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360° patient-centric experience

We build solutions that improve the experience for and between all parties. The patient comes first, but Intake is optimal when all interactions between the company, employees, and patients are symbiotic.

Patient Journey

How do we create quality interactions? We cut out the excess. We streamline by clearing obstacles and simplifying decision-making; we entice efficiency by creating fast tools with minimal required actions.

We ensure Intake efficiency

We craft tools and workflows that compel each player to achieve their needs with minimal inputs.

Proven Healthcare Intake Solutions

Infusion Services

Patient intake for infusion procedures is a crucial step for companies offering this service. We’ve helped organizations get off on the right foot by helping them:

  • Streamline communication across departments

  • Optimize patient processing rate

  • Improve task time efficiency

  • Ensure process compliance

  • Leverage metrics to improve operational efficiency

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