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What is ailing your organization?

  • Enrollment Automation
  • Intake Automation
  • Pharmacy Automation
  • Orders Automation
  • Billing Automation
  • Custom EMR Development
  • Mobile Member Experiences
  • Health Outcomes Applications
  • Strategic Partnership Pilots
  • HIPAA Compliance

There’s a FIX

We partner with care organizations and combine management consulting with IT strategy to deliver a powerful dose of relief in the form of innovative applications and pilots that increase operational efficiency. We own the process and are accountable, freeing your team to focus on improving healthcare for the people you serve.

Take a look at how Whiting House is partnering with organizations to create a better 360° patient-centric view that empowers organizations to engage their clients.

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Building industry compliant applications and tools is only part of what we do. Helping you manage risk is the other. With our qualified experts, you can come to expect quality and peace of mind.

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