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Data & Analytics

As a business, knowing your data is everything. But sometimes there’s more information in your data than you realize. With highly expert analyses, unknown data statistics and patterns can turn into actionable events for business gain. For this reason, seeking data analysis via consultants is a profound way for a company to maximize profits and catalyze growth by merely using information it already has.

As a certified Silver Data Analytics Microsoft Partner, Whiting House is the relationship you need to gather critical Business Intelligence. The Analysts at Whiting House live for big data and are immersed entirely in the mighty cloud-based Power BI, which helps them share their insights with you.

We specialize in healthcare and financial data analytics

We pore over data collected from different areas of healthcare such as clinical, fraud, and supply chain analysis. It’s a fast-growing industry in the US, whose primary intention is to determine how to improve care while keeping costs down. Financial data analytics is all about patterns. We deftly and effortlessly interpret large datasets to decipher meanings that elude others.

Whether it’s next-gen analytics, enterprise data management, or informed intelligence that you require from your data, Whiting House builds the technological framework that is easy to understand yet hard to reason how you operated without.

Data Warehouse

Centralized data organization platforms allow knowledge workers to pinpoint the information they need. Cloud-based modern data warehouses as well as traditional data center data warehouses are within our purview; we partner with you to consolidate the information you already have to create processes that synthesize data into more manageable and revealing reports.

Data Visualization

We engineer data-backed graphics that provide business insight. Often, businesses are overwhelmed with the amount of data they collect. We will analyze this data and create astute visual displays that make sense of information in an attractive, digestible way.


Only analytical minds can make sense of data sets. Our data experts create precise reporting methods to reveal vital business intelligence and transform data into information. Our customer data analysis, process flow analysis, and data quality and profiling help identify roadblocks that inhibit your discovery of actionable information. Instead of puzzling over stats spreadsheets yourself, our people will scrutinize the data and file valuable reports which will positively inform your business decisions.