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Data & Analytics

Give us your data or let us catch it for you, and we’ll uncover truths that only math can tell. Numbers don’t lie. We interpret large datasets to decipher meanings that may hold productive rewards for your business. Whether you need to collect customer data or analyze in-house statistics, Whiting House builds the technological framework that favors your success.

In the process of discovery, we listen to what you believe a data solution might look like. Our data analysts pore over figures and find patterns, road bumps, and optimization opportunities. Transparent project planning includes you from square one so that you are party to our process, and witness when we provide statistical evidence that supports certain action.

Data Warehouse

Centralized data organization platforms allow knowledge workers to pinpoint the information they need. Cloud-based modern data warehouses as well as traditional data center data warehouses are within our purview; we partner with you to consolidate the information you already have to create processes that synthesize data into more manageable and revealing reports.

Data Visualization

We engineer data-backed graphics that provide business insight. Often, businesses are overwhelmed with the amount of data they collect. We will analyze this data and create astute visual displays that make sense of information in an attractive, digestible way.


Only analytical minds can make sense of data sets. Our data experts create precise reporting methods to reveal vital business intelligence and transform data into information. Our customer data analysis, process flow analysis, and data quality and profiling help identify roadblocks that inhibit your discovery of actionable information. Instead of puzzling over stats spreadsheets yourself, our people will scrutinize the data and file valuable reports which will positively inform your business decisions.