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Enterprise Application

We develop rock-solid applications that give businesses the technological advantage to tame any and all processes. Good governance in business is driven by data, which our applications help capture. We coach clients on leveraging insights gleaned from advanced data analysis to streamline daily processes and positively affect the bottom line. Effective applications are born of robust architecture, smooth execution, and transparent project planning in collaboration with our clients.


We work with clients to understand how your business stores, integrates, consumes and uses data. The process of discovery is crucial to understanding what kind of application your company needs. Clients have complete visibility throughout the lifespan of the project, from concept development and project scope definition, to technical direction and risk assessment.

Mobile Applications

Creating useful applications necessitates mobile development. We write iOS, Windows, and Android applications in accordance with client prerogatives, data analysis, and IT industry standards for modern data platform development. Our application development solutions use the agile workflow to design, develop, and test everything we engineer, maintaining regular client communication and submitting clearly defined deliverables.

Custom Development

Digitization implies writing code from scratch. We take advantage of repeatable steps to guarantee success when it comes to creating something entirely new for clients. Pure, new code couples with established lines to decrease complexity. This proven methodology is effective, and allows us to engineer anything from simple input applications to advanced cloud data platforms.

Line of Business Application

Business Intelligence reveals opportunities where LOB apps might best serve a particular need. Often clients cannot see the solution until the problem is brought to Whiting House. Here, we use advanced analytics to undermine problems by engineering technological in-house applications that streamline a given product or process. With additional applications that capture data, we coach clients on how to consolidate and in turn operationalize these numerical insights.


Our content management systems are tailored to your business goals. WordPress is flooding the market, used by nearly 30% of the top 10 million websites. We develop custom themes and plugins perfect for the purposes of your website, writing succinct code that keeps the burden light and allows administrators to easily manage the property. QA ensures robustness, and upon delivery we advise you on full use of these applications.

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