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Diversity in leadership potentiates our products by bringing in broad perspectives, strong communication, and effective team management skills.

This is who we are.

Michael Cantu

Chief Executive Officer
The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.
Elbert Hubbard
Whiting House has its origins in the founder’s progression from a high honors student who started a community-focused web business in college, to a Master’s degree from the University of Kansas and the realization that life is about bringing people together. A facilitator of conversation, he encourages everyone around him to strive to do good in both business and heart. A lover of jazz, a piano player since 5, his actions are informed by avidness for community volunteering and helping others succeed.

Nick Kresz

Chief Operating Officer
Never confuse Motion with Action.
Benjamin Franklin
As one of Whiting House’s core leaders, Nick brings over ten years’ hands-on experience in IT to the fore. As a founder, He has been a part of seeing this company to fruition, leading through a philosophy of empowerment by giving a direction but letting professionals draw the map. As a consultant, he’d been called a ‘hired gun’ for coming in to help unblock the road where IT teams had been stuck on complex issues. He strives for positive impact both in and out of the office, finding great joy in volunteering and giving to those who go without.

Jeff Bryant

Chief Experience Officer
I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
Jeff’s time in the army designing battle scenarios was the unlikely beginning to a UX career that has seen him win two American Advertising Awards while occupying positions at startups, ad agencies, consultancies, and enterprise businesses. His greatest accomplishment was building Nintendo their first in-house UX team, leading with passion and leveled collaboration. When not designing, Jeff loves to explore nature and the wider world with his family.

Amanda Biersmith

VP, Business Solutions
The successful man or woman is the one who finds out what’s wrong with their business before their competitors do.
Roy L. Smith
Tenacious and hard-working, Amanda is driven by a passion for achieving goals. She put herself through college, excelled in every role she has held with results to prove it, and credits positive, transparent communication for her success in work and mentorship. While not networking or swimming, she spends time with family, eats healthy and treats each day as a gift to be lived to the fullest.

Frank Kearney

Director, Delivery Services
Knowledge comes by eyes always open.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Systems Analyst, Technical Lead, and later consultant to Sprint and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Frank has climbed the leadership ladder by adhering to a resolute belief in honesty, ownership, accountability, and strategizing around execution. Apart from architecting innovative data platform solutions, Frank spends time with family and  has his eye on the ball coaching a girls competitive fastpitch team, and serving as VP on the non-profit softball club Board of Directors.