Our Services - Whiting House Group
The Whiting House Group is an organization that enables our team to use our collective digital knowledge, tech backgrounds and skills to develop customized software that helps people be more productive, connected and happier at work. We specialize in helping you evolve your health care and finance technology processes.
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Our solutions help our clients evolve their business, finance, and health care processes




Fundamental change in an organization, no matter how big or small, doesn’t start with a product. It’s sparked from a shift in mindset.


When you approach challenges the same way over and over again, with the same expectations, you get the same underwhelming results. Whiting House has a different method: engage to evolve.

Cloud Services

We leverage Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services to transition your entire organization to the cloud or a hybrid cloud model. As Azure and Amazon premier partners, our cloud experts are able to assist you through every phase of the move — from architecture to security to design — and ensure you remain compliant.


Our business intelligence and analytics services start with a professional assessment to determine your needs and how we can provide the most value to your organization. Tools like Power BI give us the ability to bring your company data together in one place, so you can quickly analyze, visualize, gain context and, therefore, make better, more informed decisions.

Custom Development

Whether you need a SharePoint intranet with custom web parts or a brand-new, built-from-scratch system, the Whiting House Group tailors our solutions to fit your specific business and the ever-changing demands of your customers.

IoT & Connected Devices

Our end-to-end service lets you connect and launch different devices independently or as part of a large Internet of Things solution. We develop and support a number of proprietary and open source platforms that can drive innovative projects to new levels.

Customer Experience

Digital and mobile have transformed how people connect with and perform within your organization. But has your organization evolved to meet their expectations and needs? We provide you with tools to engage and grow relationships with your customers and equip your employees to be more resourceful and productive than ever.